Cold Brewing

This recipe yields about a gallon of cold brew. Weigh out 453 grams of coffee and grind on a  size slightly coarser than sea salt. Protip, have us grind it for you because we have access to an almost $3000 grinder (Mahlkonig EK43) and just include that in your order notes.

Mix together your 453 grams of coffee and 17.5 ounces of cold filtered water in a large vessel that is about 1.5-2 gallons in size. Let this mixture steep for 12-18 hours.

Pour the contents through a metal strainer which will get rid of a lot of the large particles. Taking a cheesecloth, a coffee filter, or fine metal strainer, pour the contents through to get the desired tactile/sediment. A thick coffee filter will produce the cleanest cup, while a fine metal strainer or a cheesecloth will have a more pronounced sediment.

Alternatively, purchase cold brew sachets and put the coffee in the filter.

Place the coffee in the filter, and tie the filter shut. Submerge the coffee in the water for 12-18 hours. Pull the bag out of the water, throw away the contents of the filter, wash and then dry the filter. Enjoy!