Octane (Fall 2020)

Octane (Fall 2020)

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Sensibility, but with style. You can't always have that $5.00 cup of coffee, and this coffee is the ultimate value, bang-for-your-buck brain melting bean-juice.

By sourcing coffees that those lofty specialty nerds would turn their nose at, we are able to offer a tasty coffee-tasting-coffee for the every-man. We are trying to take down the MAN by converting people to the Brainhood (the peaceful cult of Brain Helmet fans) and away from the likes of those faceless billion dollar companies.

Octane is:

90% Honduras San Vincente

10% Guatemala El Progreso

Both coffees were sourced from Royal Coffee NY.

Brain Helmet Scale

Roast: Medium to Dark

Acidity: 1/5 or low acidity

Sweetness: 3/5 or medium sweetness

Body: 5/5 or medium-high body or thickness